Big Air Video Challenge 

Riders and filmers went out into the terrain on Sunday during the event seeking out features to capture some airtime.  The prize they are chasing is a $3000 cash purse!  The Space Bear Company will be handing out this prize which they have set it up so that the winner gets $1500 and the remaining $1500 goes to a charity of the winners choice.  
Voting is now CLOSED.  The rollercoaster was on from the beginning with 3 videos rising to the top and battling it out to the very end.  Great work everyone who pushed and campaigned heavy for votes.  We seen just over to 4K votes entered and the voting gaps only being within 100 votes until the last day where Dustin Craven  pulled the lead ending with 1971 votes!  Congrats that was awesome!
 Big thanks to The Space Bear Company for providing the prize and for their large amount of support from day one! 
Alex Wall
Tristan Hansen
Chris Shook
Villy Bouchard
Ian Hamilton
Tyler Lightfoot
Dustin Craven
Winner ---->
Mike Chapman